Xero Gravity: Innovation from the inside out

Risk takers, innovators, creators. You know, the passionate types who turn ideas into reality – but are we talking about entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs? Both, actually! And if you’re not familiar with intrapreneurialism, listen in.

This week on Xero Gravity we chat with Amit Mathradas, General Manager and Head of Small Business North America at PayPal, about what it means to be an intrapreneur – including the benefits of being in such a position. Small business owners, listen in too, as Amit shares some valuable tips on preparing for the upcoming holiday season.

So, what makes an intrapreneur? Behaving like an entrepreneur inside a larger organization. Working as an employee while thinking big, taking risks, and acting on new ideas for the benefit of the company.

“As an intrapreneur, you have access to tools and facilities that you wouldn’t otherwise have. It really allows you to shine a light within an organization that’s not been done before, or create a new avenue for growth that’s not been done before. It’s both very humbling, and very exciting,” says Amit.

“The underlying thread [between intrapreneurialism and entrepreneurialism] is pretty similar. It’s about passion, a desire to change the status quo, and the ability to go drive a new wave or new form of thinking. More importantly, it’s about self-satisfaction,” he continues.



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