Xero and PayFast integration provides a boost for Spin Street House, Cape Town

What do you do when you’re starting a business and you need an affordable place to work? Spin Street House in Cape Town has got you covered on that front. It’s a coworking space situated right in the heart of the city. Spin Street House was founded by entrepreneurs Nathan Heller and Gareth Pearson 3 years ago. Since then it’s become a hub of activity within the entrepreneurship and startup community.

Nathan and Gareth’s experience of growing the business have presented many opportunities and like any entrepreneurship journey some challenges as well. One of these: a seamless, easy payment solution for their clients. Spin Street House offers coworking spaces for individuals and teams that do interesting, innovative and impactful work. With such incredible clients, Nathan and Gareth had to provide an incredible service.

We managed to steal some of Nathan and Gareth’s precious time to talk to them about their business and how they solved some of their challenges:

“Our clubhouse is home to members working in a diversity of disciplines.”

Spin Street House doesn’t discriminate. If you can imagine a job, there is probably a member doing it. Nathan and Gareth explain their members include tech startups, business development, IT, web development, architecture, design, photography, journalism, academia, and more.

“Our community is the positive, the stress is the negative.”

Starting a business has it’s ups and downs. But, it’s the people you meet on the journey that make it worth every cent. Nathan describes that it has been a difficult journey to get the business to a successful level. They fund the business themselves and have been growing on a shoestring budget. Slowly but surely (as entrepreneurship goes) they have been growing and getting traction for their business, which means more talented people have a place to work and create!

“PayFast is by far better than any other payment provider we have come across.”

Spin Street House were one of the first businesses to adopt the Xero and PayFast integration. PayFast provided the hands on support Nathan and Gareth needed in order to make the integration possible. The rest, as they say, is history.

Spin Street House started by using EFT, cash or SnapScan for payments, but they soon realised they needed a better, more seamless solution. The pair did research a couple of other options, but they were all lacking in terms of what they needed.

“The Integration helps a lot especially for travelling members who need to pay by card.”

Nathan and Gareth have used the Xero and PayFast integration since March 2016. According to them, it has streamlined their invoicing and payments system, as well as their accounting procedures, as they don’t have to manually check off payments via PayFast. Instead they reconcile their payments on PayFast by transferring those transactions across both accounts directly from Xero. The process is simple for them to manage, all from one place. Their clients also enjoy a simple payment making process. Which for anyone, is always a win.

“We’d like to fully automate our payment procedures to achieve faster and effective growth.”

Like any business Nathan and Gareth are looking forward and setting goals. They explain that in future they need to scale rapidly and further automate their payment procedures. To date, Spin Street House has expanded quite literally in all directions. They’ve gone up a floor in their building to add more member desk space. Going sideways they’ve created full kitchen facilities for their members, which also come in handy for various community leading and educational events convened with various industry players in the space.

With ambitious vision, they are about to add another 320sqm which will allow for another 50 members to use Spin Street House’s facilities. Never a dull moment in the life of entrepreneurs. All this expansion means more clients and more payments to be processed. With a fully automated payment system Nathan and Gareth won’t lose any sleep worrying about payments coming through or keeping track of them.



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